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YM, Executive VP

The creation of our Romanian team was a crazy project! Ramping up a team of 40 telecom engineers in just 4 months seemed almost impossible but the Pentalog platform (of which Yourshore is a member) made our project possible! Several years later, after a lot of challenges faced together with the team, we decided to take over this dream team and to keep developing ourselves our activities in Romania. I’m sure Manuel will tell you that it is our project that gave him the idea to create Yourshore! We recommend both Manuel and his approach to creating strong teams!

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Yourshore helped us to set up the basis of a great team in Brasov, Romania. It was really valuable to benefit from the very beginning from all the knowledge Yourshore has about the IT Romanian market, legislation and culture. Also, due to their high responsiveness, flexibility and, most of all, the trust relationship we have established, we now continue to grow our team by our own means. We are still collaborating with Yourshore on various projects, as they have turned out to be a real partner, always attentive to our needs and providing really useful input all the time.

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First of all, I must say that even if I’ve been established in France for more than 15 years, I’m still Romanian. So when we decided to work with a remote team I knew that Romania was the perfect choice as I was aware how good and creative developers were back there. At the same time, that seemed like the perfect occasion to launch our products and services in the Romanian market. Yourshore’s services were exactly what we needed as we wanted to have our own team after a while and still preserve the acquired functional knowledge. Our expectations were high for the recruitment process and therefore it took us a while to onboard them but we are really satisfied with our core team. Besides this core team, we also use an extended team that works on several projects in parallel. We are still in Yourshore’s offices for now and we continue to use mixed third party services (payroll, legal, HR, etc.) from both Yourshore and other partners. If you are looking to accelerate your software development capabilities, we really recommend this BOT approach and Yourshore’s services!

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JH, CEO startup

I have to admit that we were kind of skeptical at the beginning. We were not sure whether we should start this cooperation and create a nearshore studio or not. Back then, it was a big decision for us and Manuel was patient and very transparent, explaining every aspect of the collaboration and giving us a crystal clear view of the situation. Right now, I’m happy I did it and I’m really confident that we will have a nice development studio in a few months!

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